Skinnskatteberg and Brukshotellet Skinnsberg are surrounded by two lakes, Övre Vättern and Nedre Vättern, so you have walking distance to fish for pike, perch and pikeperch. There are 244 lakes and streams in the county of Skinnskatteberg and there is something for everyone from simple angling to fly fishing in Hedströmmen. Trout are found in about 40 lakes.

Fishing licenses and fishing tips are available at Runes Cykel & Sport, + 46 (0) 222 101 62, which is centrally located in Skinnskatteberg about 600 meters from Brukshotellet. Runes has a large and wide range of fishing equipment and sport fishing gear and here you can also get good fishing tips. Fishing licenses can also be purchased at ICA, which is located about 300 meters from Brukshotellet.

The lakes are typicalla managed by fishing clubs or private companies like Svea Skog, which has an office about 30 meters from Brukshotellet.

Brukshotellet Skinnsberg also has a collaboration with one of these fishing clubs, FK Aspen, which takes care of Tonsjöarna which is about 10 minutes from the hotel. To fish in Tonsjöarna you need to be a member of the fishing club. Click on the link to access their website