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Food & drink

Brukshotellet Skinnsberg offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, catering, conferences & events, café, mini kiosks and guests always have access to free coffee / tea in our guest lounges.

Breakfast: Breakfast is served as a buffet on weekdays between 06.30 - 08.00 and if you want breakfast earlier, contact us and we will arrange it. You can also choose to serve your own breakfast at a time that suits you and then you get access to the hotel's breakfast bar. On weekends, it is currently self-serving breakfast that applies. For larger parties, we also arrange a buffet on the weekends - contact us for more information. Breakfast is normally included in the price of the room and in other cases it´s an extra option that costs SEK 95 / person. Click here to see the breakfast menu

Lunch: Brukshotellet and Restaurang Charlie offer lunch boxes as a take away or stay in option. We focus on classic home cooking and salads from our excellent chef Anki. Click on the links to the right to see the menu and to book lunch. For more information, click on the links to the right or contact us.

Dinner: Hotel guests can choose dinner from today's lunch menu or from a selection of frozen lunch boxes prepared in the restaurant kitchen. Contact us for more information

Catering: We offer several catering options with both hot and cold dishes. Please contact us for more information.

Conference & event: We offer advantageous package solutions for conferences and events. Contact us for more information.

Café: Opening hours are Monday - Friday at 08.00 - 10.00. However, hotel guests can always order from the café menu at other times when staff are available. Click here to see our café menu

Mini kiosk: We have a mini kiosk in the hotel that offers soft drinks, mineral water, chocolate, sweets and simple dining options such as. pan pizza and frozen lunch boxes cooked in the restaurant kitchen.

Guest kitchen kitchen: Guests have free access to guest kitchenettes in both our hotels where you can store your own food in the guest fridge / freezer. Guest kitchen kitchenettes are equipped with e.g. microwave/oven, coffee maker, water / egg cooker and associated kitchen equipment - but not a stove.

Barbecue area: Guests have free access to Brukshotellet's outdoor barbecue area with both charcoal and gas barbecue and lounge furniture.

If you have any questions, e.g. about allergies, please contact us for more information and what we can offer.


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