Why not rent a bike at Brukshotellet and see Skinnskatteberg on two wheels? We have a small stable of bicycles that can be rented on a daily or weekly basis. The bike is three-speed, has puncture-free tires, package holders and of course equipped with environmentally friendly and dynamo driven lights front and rear. Combination lock and helmet included. Security deposit and ID requirements for non hotel guests.

Maybe take a swim in Skärsjön and soak in the sun? There you can lie on a sandy beach, lawn or rock slab and jump in clear and cooling water. At Skärsjön there are changing cabins, toilets, jetties, diving towers and a beach volleyball court. Located at biking distance about 4 km from Brukshotellet. On the way to Skärsjön you can look at the award-winning Kolarbyn Ecolodge.

If you want a little tougher challenge then take your mountain bike with you and test the Masbo trails, four different rounds between 2.4 and 5.8 km near the town. You need a good mountain bike that has at least a damped front fork. The longest trail has a beautiful stretch along the eastern edge of Skärsjön. The owner of the hotel also usually run this trail! Download the app "Naturkartan" (see more info below) or click to see a map: Klicka här för karta

You can also test the long gravel trail of 87 kilometres. This tour takes you around the country of Skinnskatteberg on mostly gravel roads through a rolling forest landscape along lakes and historical landmarks. To maximize your experience your should preferably have a MounTainBike (MTB) or Cyclocross. It is also possible to get around on a regular bike. The gravel trail take you to a more solitary place compared to the paved roads and closer to nature, bird- and wildlife! Along the trail you will find many nice places for picnics and barbecues. Click here for a map:. Klicka här för karta

Download the app "Naturkartan" and choose the right county (Västmanlands län) and then search for Skinnskatteberg and you have easy access to MTB, running and hiking trails (unfortunately still in Swedish only but a map is a map). Click here to access Naturkartans homepage https://www.naturkartan.se/sv/skinnskatteberg

Don´t forget that we can arrange for a pick-nick bag with e.g. sandwiches, fruit, drinks and anything else you may want to bring.